You might not think much about it, but colour can be an incredibly powerful tool when planning your event booth. A carefully chosen colour palette can communicate a multitude of aspects at an event, from setting the tone to reinforcing branding and aiding in navigation.

Your palette selection will make all the difference in how attendees perceive and interact with your booth. Therefore, here are several things to keep in for when choosing colour schemes for your event booth.

Keep Branding in Mind

When decorating your booth, it is integral that you stay consistent with the company’s established colour schemes. This will ensure that your brand identity remains recognizable and cohesive for attendees to recognize easily.

To begin selecting colours for your event booth, start by looking into the logo or specific palette associated with the organisation’s brand. Doing so will guarantee a successful reflection of what has already been established.

Consider Target Audience

Next, consider what appeals to your target audience. Colours like bright and vivid hues tend to attract younger audiences while subtle shades often fit more with corporate events.

Coordinate Your Colour Scheme

To ensure a uniform, put-together display at your booth, selecting an attractive and complementary colour palette is essential.

A great place to begin for inspiration would be the company’s existing branding scheme – choose several core colours that are in line with the brand, then apply various shades of these tones throughout the booth so everything looks cohesive and organized.

Test out Different Colour Schemes

If you wish, you can also try experimenting with different colour schemes for your booth. Exploring a selection of hues and shades of the chosen colour may be key to discovering an ideal combination that will attract people to visit your booth.

When creating your booth’s colour scheme, the absolute best outcome is achieved by utilising the colour wheel to choose shades that work in harmony with each other. Remember to adjust darker hues for enhanced visibility due to natural light within your space if you plan on using more than one tone in your booth design.

Investing time into choosing a coordinated colour scheme will bring forth a beautiful ambience that all of your visitors can appreciate and enjoy.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

If you want your booth to stand out from the rest in the exhibition hall, incorporating vibrant and bold hues into its colour scheme is an excellent way to do so. Just make sure that you balance them properly for maximum impact – too much of a good thing can be overwhelming.

The 80/20 rule is a great approach for achieving an eye-catching colour palette. This principle suggests that you should use neutral tones for eighty percent of the decor, and the remaining twenty percent to be bold or statement shades.

Doing this will help draw attention to prominent sections in your booth while also creating balance and contrast.

Consider the Meaning of Colours

When used strategically, colours can effectively evoke different emotions and convey distinct messages.

Integrating a warm colour palette such as orange and yellow can create an amicable atmosphere. On the other hand, if your brand is famous for eco-friendly initiatives, you can opt for blue or green as your booth’s colour schemes.

To exude a professional, sophisticated atmosphere, black and white are classic choices that never go out of style. With these timeless colours, your space will be both elegant and corporate-like.


Colour schemes are an important aspect of any event’s design as they create feelings, evoke emotions and take part in conveying distinct messages. With the proper consideration and preparation, you can select a colour scheme that is captivating yet suitable for your event booth.



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