Exhibition is a great way to meet prospects and raise your presence to be known,

by attract customers with your newly launched product and services, or to show

your hospitality to your clients for a warm discussion. We believe that good

design will encourage client’s interest to know more about you. Let our experts

help you to design an impact of your presence in the trade show. We believe that

by emphasizing your presence along with the good space planning to

accommodate your needs.


Let our passionate, energized experiential marketing experts work hand-in-hand

with you to provide strategy, creative elements, production, audiovisual services,

a portfolio of additional services and the latest technology. Events must serve a

purpose. People align themselves with brands that serve a purpose greater than

the products they sell. Experiential marketing should bring that mission to life:

creating, enabling and delivering a sense of purpose that people can rally



POP Display

Point of Purchase (POP) displays in retail will give you chance to showcase your

spotlight items, and also attract customers to buy the products on an impulse. To

stay competitive and aid brand owners in promoting their product, a POP display

is more focused on improving aesthetics. POP Displays are a powerful instrument

that set your products apart from the competition. As an experienced team, we

will ensure to have your display effectively promotes your product by taking

consideration of the details and objectives of the branding in the retail



Interior Design

To keep update with the current trend and mood, interior design for home and

offices are ever changing. However, every space has a different layout and needs

to be plan differently. With our diversity in the industry, we provide a unique and

personalized design space for our clients. Creating both functional and attractive

environment to keep the mood of the space. We have a team suitable to provide

solution for your project, ranging from interior design to furniture and lighting





As the internet becoming more accessible, the number of people who go online

every day is still increasing. The way people interact, shop and buy has changed

along with it. This means old ways of marketing will not be as effective as it used

to be. Marketing is about connecting with your audience, that means you need to

meet them where they are spending their time, which is online. Digital Marketing

attracts customers via email, search platforms, social media, and many more. It

targets specific customers which results mostly in ads, video ads, or anything that

makes your customer spend even one second to notice your presence. We strive

to understand your business goal in mind. Our creative team will help you reach

your target customers via online platform, be it in a form of ads or even

interactive video.

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