When preparing for a trade show or exhibit, choosing the right location for your booth is crucial for your success. It is important to think over your options carefully before making a decision, as your booth’s location can make or break your performance at the event.


Research the Venue

To find the best booth location, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the hosting venue first.

This entails measuring the space, noting the foot traffic patterns, obstructions or restrictions, and positioning other exhibitors. These details will help you choose the areas that offer maximum visibility for your booth.


Consider Foot Traffic Patterns

In making the most of a trade show or exhibit, it is important to choose a location that gets a lot of foot traffic.

Look for spots near entrances or exits, or in areas where people tend to gather naturally. This will increase your booth’s visibility and chances of connecting with potential customers.


Take Advantage of Existing Obstacles

When selecting a booth location, it’s worth considering any fixtures or obstacles that are already present at the event.

For instance, if there is a registration table close to an entrance, you could position your booth nearby to benefit from the flow of foot traffic. This might encourage attendees to approach you and engage with your product or service.


Choose a Space that Suits Your Needs

When choosing a booth location, think about the space you need and what is available. If your display requires a large area, find a spot that can fit your set-up.

For a smaller booth, consider setting up in an alcove or corner to avoid getting lost in the crowd.

Additional Tips for a Successful Booth Location

When selecting a booth location at an event or exhibition, a few additional tips can help ensure success:

  • Utilise any signs or promotional materials available at the venue as they can help attract people to your booth.
  • To attract more visitors to your booth, try locating it near the refreshment stands or restrooms. This can increase foot traffic around your booth.
  • When selecting a location, focus on comfort and convenience, and ensure that it is effortless for you and your team to enter and exit the area if required.
  • Make sure there are nearby electrical outlets before choosing a space if you require access to electricity.
  • It is best to steer clear of areas near loudspeakers or busy traffic, as they can overpower your conversations with potential customers at your booth and hinder their ability to hear your message.
  • Consider the lighting around your booth and make sure that it is bright enough for people to easily see and locate your booth.



Choosing the best location for your booth is an important factor when planning any trade show or exhibit. A great location can help draw more visitors to your display and ultimately increase sales leads and revenue.

Take some time to research the venue ahead of time, pay attention to foot traffic patterns, take advantage of existing obstacles, and choose a space that suits all of your needs to maximize visibility at your event.

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