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To keep update with the current trend and mood, interior design for home and offices are ever changing. However, every space has a different layout and needs to be plan differently.
With our diversity in the industry, we provide a unique and personalized design space for our clients. Creating both functional and attractive environment to keep the mood of the space. We have a team suitable to provide solution for your project, ranging from interior design to furniture and lighting design.

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Office Interior (Bangkok, Thailand)



Office Interior (Bangkok, Thailand)


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Office Interior (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)



World Expo (Daegu, Korea)


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    We are a team of designers and
    developers with vast experiences
    in Exhibition & Events industry over
    the years and also a strong
    regional presence by location our
    partners strategically in Singapore,
    China, Europe, India, Indonesia,
    Malaysia, Middle-East, Thailand,
    Vietnam, and USA.


    w: www.pentone313.com
    e: marketing@pentone313.com
    o: +65 6743 2069
    f: +65 6842 1774
    m: +65 9272 8446

    Singapore Head Office
    65A Jalan Tenteram, #05-13
    Singapore 328958

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